Arti kata Subclass Dalam Beberapa Bidang Komputer

Berikut ini adalah catatan (contekan) mengenai arti kata tersebut pada bidang IT (Teknologi Informasi):

Subclass / Inheritance / Superclass

Dalam Android OS

Subclass / inheritance / superclass, A class is like a blueprint for an object, but it can also be a blueprint for creating other classes with similar functionality or a different focus. You are creating a subclass (child class) when you define a new class using another class as a template. The subclass inherits properties and functions of its superclass (parent class). It can also provide its own implementation by overriding properties and functions that exist in the superclass. One common example is the toString() method. It is first defined in the Any class, but it is common to provide your own implementation of the toString() method in subclasses. A subclass also has the ability to call public functions and properties of the superclass.


Dalam Pemograman Java

subclass; A class that is derived from a particular class, perhaps with one or more classes in between. See also superclass , supertype .


subclass; A class which inherits from, or extends, a given class.

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