Artinya Context Switch adalah? Pengertian ringkas Kamus Teknologi

Berikut ini adalah catatan (contekan) mengenai arti kata tersebut pada bidang IT (Teknologi Informasi):

Context switch

Dalam Sistem Operasi Basis Linux

Context switch: switching the CPU from running one thread to running another thread.;;;;Refers to the changes necessary in the CPU when the scheduler schedules a different process to run on the CPU. This involves invalidating the TLB, loading the registers with the saved values, etc. There is an associated cost with such a switch, so it is best to avoid un-necessary context switch when possible. Note that the division of kernel-mode and user-mode means a similar, but simpler, operation is necessary when a syscall moves into kernel mode. However this is not called a context switch, as the mode switch doesn’t change the current process. See lazy TLB. One good of feature of Linux is its extremely low context and mode switch cost, compared to an operating system like Solaris.

context switch

Dalam Sistem Operasi

context switch, Mengganti CPU ke proses lain memerlukan penyimpanan suatu keadaan proses lama (state of old process) dan kemudian beralih ke proses yang baru.

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