Arti/Definisi: Clickjacking dalam bidang Teknologi Informasi/Komputer

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Dalam Cybersecurity

Clickjacking, Clickjacking involves tricking someone into clicking on one object on a web page while they think they are clicking on another. The attacker loads a transparent page over the legitimate content on the web page so that the victim thinks they are clicking on a legitimate item when they are really clicking on something on the attacker’s invisible page. This way, the attacker can hijack the victim’s click for their own purposes. Clickjacking could be used to install malware, gain access to one of the victim’s online accounts, or enable the victim’s webcam.


Clickjacking, Clickjacking, also known as a UI redress attack, is a common hacking technique in which an attacker creates an invisible page or an HTML element that overlays the legitimate page.


clickjacking, A malicious technique by which a victim is tricked into clicking on a URL, button or other screen object other than that intended by or perceived by the user. Clickjacking can be performed in many ways; one of which is to load a web page transparently behind another visible page in such a way that the obvious links and objects to click are facades, so clicking on an obvious link actually causes the hidden page’s link to be selected.

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