Arti Istilah Buddy Allocator Dalam Bidang Informasi Teknologi

Berikut ini adalah catatan (contekan) mengenai arti kata tersebut pada bidang IT (Teknologi Informasi):

buddy allocator

Dalam Sistem Operasi Basis Linux

buddy allocator: The memory allocation scheme used in the kernel. A vector of lists of free pages is kept, ordered by the size of the chunk (in powers of two). When a chunk is allocated, it is removed from the relevant list. When a chunk is freed back to the free pages pool, it is placed in the relevant list, starting from the top. If it is physically contiguous with a present chunk, they are merged and placed in the list above (i.e. where the chunks are twice the size), and this operation percolates up the vector. As regions are merged whenever possible, this design helps to reduce memory fragmentation. FIXME

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