Apa itu Bcp ? Arti dan Definisinya Dalam TI

Berikut ini adalah catatan (contekan) mengenai arti kata tersebut pada bidang IT (Teknologi Informasi):

BCP (Business Continuity Planning)

Dalam Cybersecurity

BCP (Business Continuity Planning), A business management plan used to resolve issues that threaten core business tasks. (Also known as Business Continuity Management.) The goal of BCP is to prevent the failure of mission critical processes when they have be harmed by a breach or accident. Once core business tasks have been stabilized, BCP dictates the procedure to return the environment back to normal conditions. BCP is used when the normal security policy has failed to prevent harm from occurring, but before the harm has reached the level of fully interrupting mission critical processes, which would trigger the Disaster Recovery Process (DRP).

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